Captain Cox's Whale Watch - Bay St Lawrence Wharf
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Our Testimonials

Captain Cox is careful not to trouble the creatures that we go with him to see. He....predict(s) just about where a whale will next surface, so he can put his boat in a good position, then cut the engine and allow it to drift. His enthusiasm for showing....the wildlife treasures in his part of the world has not abated, even though he's been at this whale watching business longer than anybody.
–Ed Belzer, Nova Scotia
The first time I saw the gannets diving for whale could have thrilled me more than did those wild divers! From high above, they fold their wings and allow gravity to accelerate them down into the water, which they strike with such force that it results in a great smack and show of sparkling water.
– Celia Evanson, British Columbia
The whales, so close, passed in front of us, behind us, and underneath us. We could hear them breathing. I saw a mother and her little one dive just under the boat, surface on the other side, and continue on their way with their comrades. I thought, "These creatures have been here before we humans existed...
– Sean MacDonald, New York