Captain Cox's Whale Watch - Bay St Lawrence Wharf
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Photo Gallery

Captain Cox on the zodiac docked at the wharf and others

The zodiac docked with St Margaret's Village in the background

The zodiac at the wharf from shore

View of prehistoric rock formations on shore

3 pilot whales

Pilot whales close

The zodiac with Captain Cox in the harbor

Sedimentation on the coastline

An eagle watching its watchers

Whales swam under

Playful pilot whales

Showing off in front

So close we could touch

A cave on the seashore

Hills past the water under the fog

Checking out the geology

Captain Cox

Passenger looking out over the water

Dolphin Peeking out of the water

Whale underwater

Aerial Whale View

Rocks in the water

Winter view

Happy Passenger


Another Splash

Tail fin

Tail fin side view

Dorsal View

Tail pointed upwards

Tail re-entering the water

Plume from the blowhole

Looking out the window

Ripples in the water

Bent Tail

Another window view


Fin sticking straight up

Dual Plume

Whale mostly out of the water

Nearly full breach


Wide fin

Two pilot whales

Three passengers spotting two whales

Fin amid a re-entry splash

Inclined coast

Mysterious mountain

Captain Cox setting out