Capt Cox's Whale Watch - Bay St Lawrence Wharf
Follow the Sign of the Blue Whale

Captain Cox's Whale Watch

Captain Cox's Whale Watch since 1986
Whale-Seabird Boat Tour Along Cape Breton's Most Isolated Coast.
Over 96% Success On The "Hazel Mabie", our 24ft. zodiac and certified recue boat.

- Coast Guard Inspected.
- Microphone to Hear Whales
- Second trip free if a whale you don't see!

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Sail with Captain Dennis Cox, Cape Breton's most experienced whalewatch captain, who started whalewatching in Northern Cape Breton. Captain Cox is a Small Craft Master (C1J4) with over 30 years experience at sea. Captain Cox and his crew first photo identified and named the pilot whale "HOOK", whose life size model is on display in the Whale Center.

Search for: humpback whales, sei whales, minke whales, pilot whales, dolphins and fin whales – the second largest in the world. Miles of uninhabited coastline where eagles, cormorants and guillemots still nest, where there are sea caves and waterfalls, sandy coves and shipwrecks, where you can see gannets dive and hear sea loons call.